Wipe the Data From Your Mac – Two Methods

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If you ever sell your Mac you’re going to need to know how to wipe the data from it! There are two different methods to do this watch the whole video before you follow along.

Here’s how: http://techtalkamerica.com/privateles…

There are several reasons why someone may need to wipe the data from their Mac. It could be you want to sell it to someone else, or want to pass it on to a loved one. The first method will preserve the software on the computer, but this will require the new user to know the Apple ID username and password of the previous owner. For that reason, I only recommend this method if you are passing it onto someone else in the family. Otherwise… use method 2.

The second method in this video is a total wipe which will remove all the Apps, User Data, and we will finish by reinstalling the Mac Operating System (macOS Sierra at the time this video was recorded).