How to Unlock a Hijacked Web Browser (on a Mac)

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Learn how to unlock a hijacked/locked web browser on your Mac in this short tutorial video. Many times this happens after visiting certain types of websites. When you accidentally visit these sites, they take over your web browser. Sometimes they display a “FBI Warning” or ask you to call a phone number to unlock your browser. They may claim to be from Microsoft, Apple, etc. but it’s just a scam.

To unlock a frozen/hijacked web browser you just need to force quit it from running on your computer (Command + Option + Esc), then select the hijacked browser to quit. Then simply hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while you click it to re-open it. Be sure to check your browser’s preferences (specifically homepage and default search engine) and if either are suspicious, just replace the text with (or whatever your preferred search engine may be).


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