Mixcder Headphone Review

Review: Mixcder ShareMe Bluetooth Headphones

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If you have a spouse, you’ve probably run into that situation where you both wish you could listen to something at the same time, whether that content is playing from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Cue: The Mixcder ShareMe headphones! ShareMe’s are a new wireless bluetooth headphone that allows two people to listen to the same thing wirelessly at the same time. At $39.99 each, most people won’t buy these without purchasing two, but is this truly a good solution and is it truly worth the (ultimately) end cost of $80?

Audio Quality

After testing these headphones against the dozens of others I’ve been sent by other companies, I can’t say they really stand up to the competition. Songs sounded flat, again, compared to similarly priced headphones.


ShareMe’s aren’t terribly uncomfortable, but they didn’t quite sit as well on my head as I’d hoped. They are mostly plastic and the padding material feels inexpensive and like it will fall apart quickly with time.

Ease of Use

The initial process of pairing the headphones so they talk to each other is relatively easy, but after multiple uses I found one headphone would often disconnect even when sitting right next to the other. It should also be noted that while many people may want to use ShareMe headphones on an airplane, you should note that “airplane mode” on your devices will disconnect bluetooth, making them ineffective.


As you may have figured out, I can not recommend Mixcder’s ShareMe headphones. While Mixcder has identified a cool concept, ultimately these headphones are not well manufactured. The audio quality feels cheap and if you want to listen to the same thing as the person sitting next to you, you could just as easily purchase a headphone splitter for less than $5 and then buy a better quality pair of headphones.