QACQOC Product Review

In All Classes, Apple, Mac by techtalkamerica

If you have the brand new MacBook Pro with all USB-C ports, you may have found it frustrating to plug in… anything. That’s where the QacQoc comes in (and no, we don’t get the name either). It’s a very simple and ultra-slim designed hub that hugs your Mac and works with both the 13″ or 15″ MacBook Pro (again, only the model with all USB-C ports). Want to save a little $$$? Check out the second version in the list below which is almost half the price. We’re also including a link to a more traditional hub which also gives you access to ethernet and HDMI. Links to everything:

QacQoc with 2 USB-C Ports:
QacQoc with 1 USB-C Port:
QacQoc dock with HDMI and Ethernet:

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