New to Mac: Sierra Edition *** FULL CLASS ***

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Our Premium New to Mac class is now 100% FREE! Get the PDF download here:

We’re also including two additional downloads which you can get here:
Siri Commands PDF:
Keyboard Shortcuts PDF:

This two-hour class goes over all the basics that a new Mac owner needs to know! We start off by going over the basics like how to find your stuff through Finder, to setting up System Preferences to meet your needs. We’ll also cover topics like iCloud, Photos, Apple Mail, and more.

If you are brand new to the Mac or just needs help going over the basics, this class should absolutely help you get started. This class is specifically taught at a slower pace to help folks who are unfamiliar with the Mac feel more comfortable. Because the class is two hours long we encourage you to feel free to pause and come back when you feel comfortable.