Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Review

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Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Review

The new MacBook Pro with TouchBar (available in upgraded models) offers a new way to get things done. In this video review, David will go over his favorite and least favorite aspects of Apple’s new signature computer. Is this the right computer for you? Watch to find out.

One of the biggest changes you’ll find are the lack of any ports other than USB-C (and a headphone jack). To combat the obstacles this will pose in the immediate future, we strongly recommend you check out the HooToo USB-C hub (link just below).

New Features:

I found touchID to be a nice feature when it comes to unlocking your Mac. You can also use it to make purchases in the App store and even on the web with websites that accept ApplePay, although this does require use of Safari (personally…still not a fan).

Massive Trackpad:
It’s great, but I found that I only use a small portion of it. Palm rejection technology seems to be dead on. No problems here.

Butterfly Keys:
Easier to type on than the butterfly keys on the MacBook, but these are also much louder.

Its going to be great for some people and others won’t probably use it much. I found it was much easier to still do everything via hotkeys. When you’re using your laptop on your couch, you may find that your hands coverup the touchbar which makes it hard to see (and thus use).


Thinking about Buying A Warranty?
I recommend checking out SquareTrade. It’s not for everyone, but it is worth looking into. Unlike Apple Care you can customize your plan to make it last up to 4 years and it also covered liquid/accidental physical damage. Use the link below to get to the main page, then modify the plan to meet your needs.