Text Replacement on Your iPhone or iPad

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Text replacement is a fantastic feature that can save you time. Whether you need to type the same large chunks of text multiple times or if you just misspell the same word often, you’ll love using text replacement.

This clip is from our 2-hour class called, “Master Your iPhone or iPad”.

As many of you know, David taught a “Master Your iPhone/iPad” class last year at The Villages in Florida, but we knew we wanted to up the production quality. Earlier this year, David was able to rent the famous Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater and recreate the live experience for those of you who were not able to attend.

This 2 hour class covers everything from David’s recommended settings for your device, the most useful Siri commands, how to create folders of apps, control center, notification center, how to create shared shopping lists using the reminders app (which we also turned into a separate class), tricks to get back space on your iPhone, and lots more! And to help you remember things, we’ve included two free PDF guides: “Master Your iPhone or iPad” (3 pages) and “Useful and Fun Siri Commands.”

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