Introduction to Google Drive

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If you’re new to Google Drive, this class is a great place for you to begin.

Google Drive is a great tool that’s free to use and gives you the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. And when combined with the storage and syncing ability, it provides an excellent platform from which to run a small business, work your way through school, or whatever your needs may be.

I start by showing you how to make a Google account and then take you through an overview of creating a simple document, sharing it with someone else, adding files to your Drive account and then conclude with teaching you how to install Google Drive on your computer.

*Table of Contents:*

00:45 Creating a Google Account
02:00 General Overview of the Main Google Drive Screen
02:44 Creating a Google Document
04:51 Creating Folders
05:25 Adding Files to Your Drive
06:48 Opening a Word Doc in Drive
07:39 How to Share Docs and Files
08:54 Installing Drive on Your Computer
13:30 More About Syncing Files

I’ll follow up with additional classes on other features of Drive soon. Thanks for watching!

~Mark | TechTalk America

[Although the class is taught on a Mac, the online experience will be the same on any computer and the installation of Drive will be quite similar.]