Griffin iTrip Clip – Make Your Headphones Wireless

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The iTrip Clip by Griffin for $20 makes any standard 1/8″ headphones wireless. Grab yours here: this product is perfect for anyone who is sick of wires or anyone who just purchased a new iPhone 7.

For full disclosure I only use bluetooth headphones, so while this product isn’t something I need, I know a lot of you might benefit from this. For me, the place I most like to be wire-free is at the gym. Wires constantly get caught on equipment and this is an easy way to solve it. The Griffin iTrip Clip lets you plug your standard headphones into this small device (about the size of a silver half-dollar) and then links to your phone via bluetooth. It works with any bluetooth product include all iPhones, Android devices, iPads, etc. You can recharge it via USB (cable included) and you’ll get around 6 hours of constant use on a single charge.

Note: the Apple lighting EarPods that come with the iPhone 7 will not work with this product without an adapter)