Our Favorite iOS 10 Features

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iOS 10 is here and we’ve put all our favorite features into this video. If you have trouble remembering them we made a handy PDF guide to help you out. Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/iOS10FavoriteFeatures

0:44 Raise to Wake
1:01 Widgets
3:28 Delete Stock Apps
4:31 Reduce Motion
5:10 Home Button
5:30 Display Zoom
6:27 Siri
7:37 Announce Calls
8:04 Message History
9:43 Maps
9:59 Safari Passwords
10:40 Video Playback Quality
11:09 Home App
13:55 Space Bar Mouse
14:48 Filter Email by Unread
15:21 Control Center
17:12 Notes
17:46 JibJab
21:56 Messages
24:49 Photos

Who SHOULD upgrade to iOS 10?
If you have an iPhone 6 or newer
If you have an iPhone SE
If you have an iPad Mini 3 or 4
If you have an iPad Air (1 or 2)
If you have an iPad Pro (any kind)

Who SHOULD NOT Upgrade to IOS 10?
If your device is older than any of the ones we just listed, you might want to hold off since newer technology in older devices tends to slow them down.

iOS 10 offers tons of new features for your iPhone or iPad including raise to wake, widgets, new 3D touch features, the ability to remove stock apps, larger icons (now available on the smaller iPhones), and lots more.

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