What To Do When A Document Won’t Open (on a Mac)

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“Document can’t be opened for some reason” is a screen you may get on your Mac especially when transferring files from an older computer to a newer computer. The reason is the software that was used to create the document is no longer supported, but fear not! You don’t need any special software and you don’t need to pay someone to resolve this issue. In this short tutorial video, David will show you how to change the document extension to something more widely supported. The three most common formats that WILL work on your Mac are “.doc” “.rtf” “.txt”.

I get the ideas for many of our classes from my work with clients. In this case, a friend of mine had this exact problem because the software used to originally create the document was no longer on his computer. All you do to resolve this is to click on the item and then click again so that you can edit the name of the document. We aren’t going to change the title of the document, but we are going to change the ending extension. In most cases you’re going to use .doc, .rtf, or .txt. Once you change the extension, you’re going to hit enter and you’ll see a dialog box pop up asking, “Are you sure you want to add the extension ____ to the end of the name?” Click “add” and you should see the icon for that document change. Next, double click that icon to see if it opens properly in the right application.