David's Top 11 Siri Tips

David’s Top 11 Siri Tricks

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Are you underutilizing Siri? We asked our Facebook fans about their favorite uses for Siri on their iPhone/iPad/Mac. Most people referred to the basic uses like using Siri to set a timer, but that little voice in your iDevice is capable of a lot more! Here’s David’s Top 11 (we couldn’t come up with a clean number like “10”) favorite Siri tips.

About Smart Home Products

There’s a ton of different products in your home that can now be controlled by Siri. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Lights. When it comes to lights, the two “big dogs” are Philips Hue and LIFX. I own both and after owning both for over a year now, I significantly prefer LIFX. Why? The colors are more vibrant, the LIFX app just does more than Philips Hue, and now that they’re able to communicate with via HomeKit, there is no down-side that I can think of. LIFX bulbs also don’t require a hub (unlike Hue). LIFX makes several kinds of smart lights. This link will take you to all of them: http://amzn.to/2qWeHWW
  2. Thermostat. While I wish I could use this one myself, unfortunately, I have electric heat (and no smart thermostats work with electric heat). There’s several popular models. Here’s a few:
  3. Wall Outlets. (CORRECTION: The WeMo only works with Amazon Echo aka Alexa however I also have a link below to one which does work with HomeKit aka your iPhone) I personally own two Belkin WeMo units. These allow you to plug in any kind of appliance and then be able to control it remotely. Make sure to set the device into the “on” position so that it can be controlled via the smart plug.