Azio MK Mac Keyboard

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The Azio MK Mac Keyboard is a perfect keyboard for anyone who misses having a “chunky” keyboard with keys that truly snap back. This keyboard is available in both wired and wireless models (links below). The wired model is also backlit and both are amazingly well constructed.

Product links:
Wireless Model:
Wired Model:

When I first got this keyboard in for review, the first thought I had was “these sure aren’t ‘butterfly’ keys!” For those of you who have tried the new Macbooks, the keys are so slim and depress so minimally, that sometimes it’s tough to use. Personally, I like a responsive keyboard. This product isn’t for everyone, but it is for a lot of people. After playing with both models I found the wired Azio MK Keyboard to be especially sexy. One look at the construction of the USB cable and you immediately get that these guys care about quality. The backlit feature on the wired model is perfectly even. During our classes, I do wear contacts (they’re clear and yes, that is my real eye color), but normally I wear my glasses most days. Even when I’m working at night I can perfectly see the keys without my glasses. It isn’t as easy to do that with my laptop. If you work at night this is the perfect keyboard for your Mac.